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This section of the site shows our ability to determining the usable and rentable areas of a tenant space by using the BOMA, Building Owners Management Association, standards. These standards allow a building owner to analyze that building’s income earning potential.

Rentable Building Area is the formulation of accurately proportioned building areas such as gross floor area, vertical penetrations, rentable floor area, common floor area, common building area and usable floor area. These areas are used to develop the rentable/usable ratios for each individual floor and also the rentable/usable ratio for the whole building.

Tenant Spaces are then rented based on the actual usable office area and the proportion of other building service areas on that tenant’s floor and located throughout the building. This creates a tenant rentable/ usable ratio that includes all building service areas. This ratio is then factored into each individual tenant’s area to determine accurately that specific tenant’s rentable area.

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