Fee Schedule
  • $750.00 per unit & $50.00 per parking space plus $100.00 for
  • $100.00 per unit for amendment changes after final issue of documents

Scope of Work
  • Measuring all of the existing spatial layout of all levels of the building
  • Provide master deed plan/s as reviewed & approved by the attorney
    & Client, final document to be (1) set 24×36 Mylar & (2) sets on bond
  • Provide unit deed plan/s for all units, final document to be 8.5×11 bond
  • Provide stamp and all certifications as required and as per the
    attorney’s request
  • Make modifications as per attorney’s requirements

  • Retainer: $2,000.00 or payment in full for less that four units, due prior
    to start of work or at time of measurement
  • Measurements will only be taken after payment of retainer
  • No stamped condo plans will be released prior to full payment of fee
  • Payment in full no later than 3 months after date of first issue of
    review plans
  • If payment is not received after 3 months after date of first issue of
    review plans submitted to the Client, then finance charges of 1.5%
    per month will be added to the unpaid portion of the invoice, and all
    collection efforts will be paid by the Client.

Time Schedule
  • (2) days per unit from date of first measurement

Not Included
  • Architectural Services
  • Variance application & preparation
  • Engineering Services or Coordination
  • Marketing Plans (additional $100.00 per unit if requested)
  • Land Surveying