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This section of the site shows our experience in creating master deed and unit deed plans for condominium documents. Our technique is unique and we typically take one day per unit to complete the documents. Many attorneys request our service over & over again.

Master Deeds are required for filing with the registrar of deeds to legally register the building as a condominium. We precisely measure all spaces within the building and accurately calculate the area of each unit. The requirements for the Master Deed are defined by law and our extensive experience in Condominium Documents allows us to be highly efficient.

Unit Deeds are issued to each condominium owner along with a legal description and association requirements written by your attorney. Our unit deeds are clear, concise and accurately show the unit layout, location, dimensions, area, main entry, immediate common area and adjoining units. Each deed also must contain specific legal language required by the registrar of deeds.

See what our vision can do for you.